This is the official website for the producer, singer, and songwriter Casey Dienel who under both her given name and the moniker White Hinterland, has released four critically acclaimed full-length albums. Employing multilayered vocals and a battery of synths, she has crafted a sonic world all her own.

Fluxblog: A Slow Motion Free Fall

"I first heard this song [Chill and Natural] while working on the 1989 survey and was listening to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” all the time, and I immediately recognized it as a cousin to those songs. A lot of that resemblance is in the aggressive, confident tone of the music, and the way the intensity of the sound seems to escalate on a constant 60 degree angle. But where those songs come from a place of incredibly certainty, Dienel’s singing about being driven crazy by straight men’s inconsistent yet inflexible expectations for women and their bodies...The humor and anger in this song is balanced just right, and it perfectly captures that feeling when you’re so impatient and confused that you think you’re losing your mind, but you know it’s not your fault." - Matthew Perputua, Fluxblog

Published October 5, 2015