This is the official website for the producer, singer, and songwriter Casey Dienel who under both her given name and the moniker White Hinterland, has released four critically acclaimed full-length albums. Employing multilayered vocals and a battery of synths, she has crafted a sonic world all her own.

The Verge: This is your next jam

"This song blew my face off when it was premiered on Stereogum yesterday for a few different reasons. It’s a radical reinvention for Casey Dienel, last heard making amorphous and beguiling R&B on last year’s full-length Baby; it’s also an evisceration of the male fascination with "the cool girl," that mythical figure who’ll crush a six-pack and watch hours of Sunday football while also retaining some kind of resplendent femininity. Listen to Dienel, summoning Björk and Trent Reznor in equal measure: "All around the pretty hotels of America / Good girls are shaving themselves for marriage." This sounds like a victory." -Jamieson Cox, The Verge

Published Oct. 2, 2015.