This is the official website for the producer, singer, and songwriter Casey Dienel who under both her given name and the moniker White Hinterland, has released four critically acclaimed full-length albums. Employing multilayered vocals and a battery of synths, she has crafted a sonic world all her own.

The Wild Magazine Premiere: San Fermin And White Hinterland Trade Remixes

"In the White Hinterland rework of San Fermin’s “Jackrabbit,” Dienel turns a brawny, stomping track into a spaced-out shoegazing dance piece while maintaining the song’s melodic anchor. San Fermin’s treatment of White Hinterland’s “Ring the Bell” is as equally smooth, resulting in a cut that manages to adjust the color without undoing its original navigation." - Blain Skrainka, The Wild Magazine

Published April 13, 2015