This is the official website for the producer, singer, and songwriter Casey Dienel who under both her given name and the moniker White Hinterland, has released four critically acclaimed full-length albums. Employing multilayered vocals and a battery of synths, she has crafted a sonic world all her own.

Village Voice: White Hinterland

"...late last year, new single “Chill And Natural” arrived, and it works well for her. The track digs hard into the jagged edges of its electronics, taking out a lot of the reverb she’s previously leaned on to leave her voice clear and gorgeous. It’s one of her most danceable tracks yet and won’t sound unfamiliar to fans of St. Vincent’s latest album. The move away from R&B is a good choice and lets her highlight the energy she’s clearly capable of exuding. - Zoe Leverant, The Village Voice