This is the official website for the producer, singer, and songwriter Casey Dienel who under both her given name and the moniker White Hinterland, has released four critically acclaimed full-length albums. Employing multilayered vocals and a battery of synths, she has crafted a sonic world all her own.


Paddle Your own Canoe Society is a boutique label established in 2017 by Robin and Casey Dienel. In 1875, the women in their hometown organized for the first time to build a library. The town of Scituate gave no help to them, but by working together the women managed to raise $3,500—first to cover the cost of erecting the building and then to fill it with 1,100 books. The annual circulation was 1,000 books, free to anyone in the town. They named it the Paddle Your Own Canoe Society because while it is up to each of us to put in the effort, our work takes on greater meaning when done together.